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Car Seat Canopies

This is a MADE TO ORDER item. Normal turnaround time is 1 - 2 weeks.

Car Seat Canopies are a great way to keep wind, sun, weather, and strangers away from your baby. Busy parents on the go don't have time to fasten and unfasten the center of a canopy. You really just want to be able to lift up the canopy and check on your little one. Our simple design does just that! Plus, we use ties instead of straps for a more secure fit on a wide range of car seat styles.


Please understand that it is very common for screens to not show the colors or slight shade differences among the fabrics true-to-life and we may not be describing our color shades the same as another company. If you are concerned about color matching or want to make sure the colors are the correct shades you desire, our best advice is to order swatches before purchasing any made-to-order items. Order swatches HERE.

All minky fabrics, ribbons, and solid cotton fabrics used in our product line come from different manufacturers than our patterned cotton fabrics and may not be exact matches to one another. All materials have been carefully selected to be the closest matches available to our pattern cotton fabrics. While only slight shade variations tend to be present, if you are unsure if you will like our selections, be sure to order swatches before purchasing any made-to-order items. Order swatches HERE.

Since fabric printing and rolling is automated by the manufacturers, it is common for slight pattern distortion to be present. This should not be considered a defect in the fabric or a defect in our quality. While we make every effort during production of the item to remedy this natural occurrence, we cannot prevent it 100% of the time.

Q: Why are medium-weight decor cottons used on the canopies instead of lighter weight fabrics like other companies use?
A: Our canopies are made with medium-weight decor cotton to help it stay in place better in windier conditions than canopies made with lighter-weight fabrics.

Q: I'm concerned about the using the canopy in hotter weather, are the canopies breathable?
A: We don't use elastic casing on the back to allow the canopy to be vented from the back, if needed. In hotter weather any car seat canopy, no matter what fabric it is made from, will need to be vented. Simply flip the back open to get better air flow while still keeping prying eyes off the front.

Q: Do you make car seat covers for the actual car seat?
A: Due to liability reasons we don't make the covers for the actual car seat. Using a different cover than the one the manufacturer made for the car seat can void the warranty. Also, because a handmade car seat cover has not been crash-tested with the manufacturer's brand of car seat, it could alter the car seat's performance in a crash situation.

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