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Crib Bedding Sets
This is a MADE TO ORDER item. Normal turnaround time is 7 - 14 days.


While every effort is made to represent the colors accurately, every monitor is different and we cannot guarantee that the colors you see match the colors of the actual fabric. Also, we may not have described our colors the same as another company..

All fabrics and materials used in our product line are sourced from multiple manufacturers. If you are concerned about color matching and want to see the fabrics in person, our best advice is to order swatches before purchasing any made-to-order items. Order swatches HERE.

Q: Will this bedding fit my crib?
A: Our crib bedding is designed to fit most cribs manufactured in the United States as inside crib dimensions are heavily regulated. Remember, the crib bedding goes inside the crib so the measurements given on a retailer's website are NOT applicable. Measure your crib in person. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q: The crib skirt liner is smaller than my mattress base. Will the crib skirt fit my crib?
A: Mattress base size can vary by manufacturer and our crib skirts are designed to fit an average. The straight style of our crib skirts is very forgiving and therefore the liner doesn't have to be made to the exact dimensions for it to fit, it just needs to be similar.

Q: The length of the rail covers is shorter than the length of the rails on my crib. Will the rail covers fit? A: Since rail covers wrap around the top rails from outside to inside, rail covers need to be a little smaller than inside length of the actual rail. This allows for a smooth fit with little to no bunching.
A: Since rail covers wrap around the top rails from outside to inside, rail covers need to be a little smaller than inside length of the actual rail. This allows for a smooth fit with little to no bunching.

Q: My crib is a different style than the one pictured. Will the rail covers still fit?
A: Most likely the rail covers will still fit. However, if your crib has design elements that could hinder the tie placements, some adjustments may need to be made. Long Rail Covers have four sets of ties; two at the corners designed to wrap around the corner posts and two along the bottom edge 8.5” from each side of the center. Short Rail Covers have three sets of ties along the bottom edge; one in the center and two at the ends. If you would like custom tie placements (at no additional cost), contact us with the make and model of your crib BEFORE placing your order so we can show you how to properly measure your crib.

Q: My crib's top rails are curved. Will the rail covers still fit?
A: If the curve is minimal and symmetrical, we have found our rail covers fit just fine. The fabric will have a little gathering to it as it contours to the curve, but it will still do its job to help protect the top of the rail from teething. However, significant or asymmetrical curving or dipping could cause the rail cover to not fit properly.

Q: Are the ties on the rail covers long enough for me to tie a bow?
A: While we give enough length in the ties to adapt to a wide variety of rail sizes, there is not enough length to tie a proper bow. Knots are the safest way to secure the rail cover to the crib. While we understand bows would look adorable, when designing our products, we always err on the side of safety over design.

Q: Do you offer embroidery on the teething rail covers?
A: While it would look adorable, we do not offer embroidery on the teething rail covers as it is not ideal for the longevity of the item. We offer a variety of personalized products that can be added to the nursery for that special touch.

Q: Do you make crib bedding for mini cribs?
A: We'd be happy custom-size our bedding for a mini crib at no additional cost. Please contact us before ordering so we can explain what measurements will be needed.

Q: Can you make crib bumpers to match?
A: Because we adhere to the safety recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics, we do not make crib bumpers. We will not make an exception to this policy.

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