All products are made-to-order and therefore all sales are final unless there is a defect in craftsmanship, outside of normal wear and tear and/or if the washing instructions are not followed.

Product measurements and specifications are clearly given for each product. It is the buyer's responsibility to check if the product measurements and/or design specifics will fit their crib, changing pad, car seat, etc. While we cannot modify our products for every situation, the vast majority of the time a small modification is all that is needed. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to help.

Swatches are available for every fabric we use on our products. Please DO NOT assume that your monitor has shown any of the colors or slight shade differences among the different materials true-to-life. Also, DO NOT assume we have described the color the same as another company. For example, just because we describe the color as "mint", do not assume it will match another company's item that they describe as "mint".

Because swatches are readily available and ship quickly, refunds/exchanges will not be given because a customer is unsatisfied with the color of their completed item. Our swatch service is offered, at no profit to us, to ensure customer satisfaction with their order. Ordering swatches is the best way to prevent being unsatisfied with your order upon delivery.

Order swatches HERE.